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def balazar3-0.1::tofu::Player::login (   self,

Player.login(sock, udp_address)

Connects the Player to the game.

Definition at line 892 of file __init__.py.

00892                                     :
    """Player.login(sock, udp_address)

Connects the Player to the game."""
    if self.sock: raise ValueError("Player %s is already logged!" % self.filename)
    print "* Tofu * Player %s login." % self.filename
    self.sock        = sock
    self.udp_address = udp_address
    for mobile in self.mobiles:
      mobile.loaded () # Do not consider the mobiles received BEFORE the login! E.g. password may be wrong,...
  @side("single", "server")
  def logout(self, save = 1):

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